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For the Love of Animals and Relief of Human Suffering
“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
― Josh Billings ―
What We Do
Because we love animals, we have made Julie and Bill Ruehle Foundation's primary cause just that.  We believe dogs and cats should be saved and be given basic rights anywhere in the world and we have turned our focus internationally.  We are very lucky in the US to be able to own pets, love our pets and care for them freely.  That's not so in some cultures.  We focus our efforts in those places by helping with population control through sterilization, funding educational programs, medical supplies and shelters who provide care for animals in those countries and instituting programs to transport to US and Canada.   We believe that culture change will occur over generations if we plant the seed now.

Additionally, Julie and Bill Ruehle foundation funds a variety of other causes in the US and Canada ranging from schools and universites, education for special needs children ( i.e., autism spectrum disorder), and auto-immune disease research.  

Mission & Vision

The mission of the Julie and Bill Ruehle Foundation has two primary thrusts: initiating programs to rescue at-risk and special needs animals, including those who are tormented in cultures which do not respect animal rights. By dedicating our efforts to provide loving homes for special needs animals, we hope that they will become loving theraputic companions for children with special needs, such as autism. We also direct grants to organizations dedicated to coping with and/or eradicating certain diseases (including arthritis and autism).

The vision of our foundation is for our children to live in an animal cruelty free world, as well as one in which human suffering has been significantly reduced.

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Our History & Our Future
Our foundation was formed and funded in 2016 by Julie and Bill Ruehle focusing on variety of causes.  Our goal is to continue our funding for those causes though we hope to engage our community and bring attention to international animal rescue.  While we have committed to rescuing animals ourselves, any donations we recieve would help us rescue more animals than ever before. The more we rescue the better equipped we can be to help special needs children through animal therapy.  As such, Julie and Bill have made a pledge to match every dollar raised for this cause.  
Our Oldest Friends
Evidence for domestication of the dog 12,000 years ago
Evidence for domestication of the cat 9,500 years ago